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‘PARADISO’, Italian for “Paradise” or “Heaven”, is the third and final part of Dante’s Divine Comedy, following the Inferno and the Purgatorio. It is an allegorical telling of Dante’s journey through Heaven. Guided by Beatrice, who symbolizes theology. In the poem, Paradise is depicted as a series of concentric spheres surrounding the Earth, as a representation of the soul’s ascent to God. This telling journey is enhanced and explored in REY’s title piece ‘PARADISO’.

Achieving the appropriate perspective to create ‘PARADISO’ based on the poem, an exciting collaboration with the acclaimed aerial photographer MERR WATSON from Australia, was born. REY takes the images from an array of WATSON’S paradisiacal settings and transforms them into unique pieces of contemporary art.

Movement is a key component of REY’S work giving tremendous energy and a beautiful flow throughout each of the pieces, enhancing the emotional connection with the viewer. Much in the same way VAN GOGH’S bold, dramatic brush strokes expressed a huge amount of emotion and movement in his works, REY explores a similar sentiment in a modern contemporary presentation. Examining REY’S artwork closely, the process he applies to his artwork creates strokes much like that created by a brush, but with an intensified connection of colour tonation.

Upscaling their size to mesmerizing wall sized prints of up to three meters across and working in a true 16 bit colour palette (65,536 tones) to produce stunning image gradations, REY gives us an entirely new and original style of art creation, bringing with it new perspectives to the world around us in a series of limited edition prints.

NFT Collection on Opensea:

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