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The world as we know it has for some time been understood by three dimensions, bound within the linear story of time. Measurements of length, width and depth pinpoint objects placed in our physical universe, which give them an interactive presence. In recent years however, there has been significant development in the area of quantum physics leading to irrevocable evidence of a dimension beyond human perception, known by some as the UNIFIED FIELD or more simply the QUANTUM.

Through this dimension it has been shown that matter can transform and flow as energy, with all Newtonian laws dissipated in an unknown realm and alternative state of being. Whilst still somewhat not fully understood, it has been termed by some as pure consciousness, without a state of time or a physical nature. As a place not defined by inherent form, both objects and emotions share the same void with endless possibilities and dynamics.

Through the body of work ‘DIMENSIONS’, REY takes us on a journey to blur the lines between the known and unknown, creating unique artworks to represent the transcendence of energy flows into the QUANTUM and beyond. Deeply inspired by the work of Dr Joe Dispenza in the field, REY takes original captured photographs and transforms the subjects through various digital painting techniques and artistic effects, to produce breathtaking pieces of large format art.

Upscaling their size to mesmerising wall sized prints of up to three metres across and working in a true 16 bit colour palette (65,536 tones) to produce stunning image gradations, REY brings to us an entirely unique and original style of art creation, bringing new perspectives to the world around us in a series of limited edition prints.

NFT Collection on Opensea:

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