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Pete Rey’s latest collection is an artistic exploration of the many spheres between the earth’s surface and the void of space. The body of work transmits a mixture of serene and powerful movements, combined with a stunning iridescence of colours found across the expanse above us. It is Rey’s third art collection, following his sellout collections ‘Dimensions’ and ‘Paradiso’.

Using source images from NASA as inspiration for each piece in the collection, captured from both space and aerial viewpoints, ‘Atmosphere’ stands as a celebration of the life’s work of Gordon Miller Bourne Dobson CBE FRS, the great grandfather of the artist. Dobson’s work on the atmosphere was instrumental in the discovery of the hole in the Ozone layer and propelled a much greater understanding of the entity as a whole, for which he was awarded a CBE from the Queen and a Fellowship from Merton College, Oxford

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