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A special edition collection of 66 unique pieces of artwork derived from the collection ‘Atmosphere’, released as 87 limited edition framed prints and NFTs, to celebrate each year of the artist's great grandfather's life, Gordon Miller Bourne Dobson CBE FRS (1889-1976) who did historic work on Atmosphere. The body of work takes abstractions from the largest art creations from the collection 'Atmosphere' and presents them as their own unique pieces of art, allowing purchasers to own and enjoy a small piece of the larger masterworks. The accompanying NFT release of 'Abstract Atmosphere' follow’s Rey’s sellout NFT collections of ‘Dimensions’, ‘Paradiso’ and ‘Atmosphere'.

The collection ‘Atmosphere’ transmits a mixture of serene and powerful movements, combined with a stunning iridescence of colours found across the expanse above us. It serves as an artistic exploration of the many spheres between the earth’s surface and the void of space. Using inspirational source images from NASA, Rey transforms these ground breaking images through his process of 'Phototranscendence', applying various digital painting techniques to create vast immersive artworks, whilst preserving the original colour palette.​


11th May 1933, by Walter Stoneman,
held at the National Portrait Gallery

The studies of Gordon Miller Bourne Dobson CBE FRS, the great grandfather of the artist, were instrumental in the discovery of the hole in the Ozone layer, developing apparatus that measured its density in the atmosphere through photographic processes, which were then distributed across the world to sites such as K2, Everest, The Arctic and Antartica. Rey's collection 'Atmosphere' stands as a celebration of his historic life’s work:

NASA to this day still use Dobson's measurement of Ozone, The Dobson Unit. Read more about the collection 'Atmosphere' in the cover feature article with Artist Talk Magazine here.

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Rey’s artwork pieces are printed in ultra high definition c-type lambda metallic prints, which gives each piece an almost 3D realism and vibrant colour presentation. This is aided by the artist working in a true 16 bit colour palette (65,536 tones) to deliver stunning image gradations for each creation.


The printed artwork pieces are mounted on to dibond aluminium board for rigidity before being presented in suspended box frames, to create the effect of each artwork floating in a void. Each box frame is available in Gold Mirror, Anthracite Mirror or mirrorless full matte black. The 'Abstract Atmosphere' artwork pieces are printed in the fixed size of 12"x12" / 305mm x 305mm, with the resulting full framed product size becoming ~ 14"x14" / 355mm x 355mm.


The price for each physical artwork inc. shipping will be £1361

The price for each digital NFT artwork will be 0.1 ETH

See the 'Abstract Atmosphere' collection below and pre-release on Opensea here:

To celebrate each year of Gordon Miller Bourne Dobson's life (1889-1976), 87 editions of each physical artwork piece and NFT are being released. Coming to the Pete Rey Fine Art website soon:




Pete Rey is a British contemporary artist producing vibrant, large format artworks full of energy and emotion. The artist's creative journey began at a young age, initially signed to BritArt at 21, selling abstract fine art photography prints. Rey then applied his creative talents to create an international production company, completing a large number of worldwide commissions, from which a love of travel and the world’s beauty in photography was born. 

Returning to the art scene with a wealth of self-taught production skills and digital imaging expertise, Rey has brought a fresh look of abstract artistry to the fine art world. The artist has always been fascinated by the science behind the known world, studying Human Sciences at University College London in his early twenties, whilst also enjoying a talented grasp of technology. Applying his love of science, technology and creativity to the artistic process, Rey has developed a unique expression of art from a photographic starting point. It is perhaps no accident that the historic work of his great grandfather, Gordon Miller Bourne Dobson CBE FRS, was founded upon unique photographic processes. 

For his creations, Rey takes carefully chosen inspirational source images and transforms them into unique pieces of contemporary art through a range of digital painting techniques. Within each artwork, a beautiful flow of movement and immersive emotion is created, through Rey's unique process, which he has termed ‘Phototranscendence’, creating strokes much like those of a painters’ brush, whilst preserving the original colour palette. Inspired by meditational practice where one can often see auras and movements of light, Rey takes us on a journey, to blur the lines between known dimensions, producing unique artworks to represent the transcendence of energy flows into what is termed the ‘Quantum’ and beyond.

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